About Us

In 2013, when Kristin Agerter and Kimberly Snyder decided to take on their newest business venture together they had no idea how welcomed they would be in such a small community. When they opened the doors of Core fit in Mayfield, they had hoped it to be a huge success. So far their hopes have come true.

They wanted to bring something good into the community, something that the people of Mayfield and Northville could easily access and be proud of, since Kristin is from Mayfield and Kim from Northville. Instead of taking their business into other communities, they have created a small community sanctuary.

They started Core Fit because they wanted to give the local community a chance to do something they loved. Whether it was an instructor wanting to teach a new class or a student hoping to take a class, Core Fit has something for everyone. They have a variety of classes starting with Jiu Jitsu, boxing, Zumba, belly dancing, MB60, kids Kung Fu and many, many others. The two local communities have found it quite convenient to have such an amazing place to come where they feel comfortable to workout at their own pace.

Core Fit is a judgment free zone and always will be. The staff and instructors are great and of course Kristin and Kim are amazing people! They go out of their way to try new things and bring in classes that the community is looking for. If you haven’t been there yet, I suggest you go because there is definitely something for everyone at Core Fit. We hope to see you there soon.